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The journey of 3 ITALIANI stems from the passion of bringing a taste of Italy to Asia. Two of the 3 Italiani are the fun-loving, sweet-toothed brothers - Massimo and Gianluca Gagliardi. They have travelled to and from Asia since very early age with their father, and every time under scorching heat they miss the gelato back home where a few of their family uncles are professional gelatieri - gelato makers. From them, they have developed a picky palate for gelato; but it was until they met seasoned gelatiere Vincenzo, another key figure of 3 ITALIANI, that the duo aspired to plant their feet in Asia, promoting authentic centuries-old gelato culture in this part of the world and beyond – with LOVE! The first step is to open a 2,000-sq-ft flagship store in Hong Kong in October 2017, bringing a chilled, fun and social place for local gelato aficionados. The store also provides breakfast, waffle, fine chocolate and coffee - and its coffee in the most traditional NAPOLITAN way



Our gelatieri are rigorously trained in Italy by Vincenzo and his team. Meticulously executed, the 3 ITALIANI gelato is freshly-crafted in-store everyday in small quantities, where you can witness the churning of delicious gelato in the lab by our team of gelatieri through the long, glass-fronted cabinets bursting with mountains of colourful, creamy and fruity goodness – packed in an array of flavours.


Our special recipes are shipped directly from our own factory in Italy to ensure that you have the fresh taste of Italy! We also scout around for the best seasonal local fruits as well as fresh milk and cream to render equally velvety and mouth-watering Asia-inspired gelato flavours. All quality ingredients are free from added colourings, preservatives, artificial flavourings and syrups.


Gelato aficionados will be impressed by Vincenzo’s 30 years of experience and passion. His secret recipes and generations of know-how are ever-evolving, balancing originality and creativity. 20 traditional Italian flavours and 10 Asian flavours will be on offer in the Hong Kong Flagship store, all authentically orchestrated by Vincenzo where consistency and smoothness are carefully monitored.
waffle plus cappuccino
ice cream
ice cream
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mango shake


Massimo Gagliardi and Gianluca Gagliardi

Brothers Massimo and Gianluca have always been spoilt by their family uncles back home in Italy and Australia with the most exquisite, artisanal and traditional gelato. They frequented their gelatarias, and have always been amazed by the magical churning of gelatos behind the glass cabinets. From then on they have developed the most discerning taste for gelato and the highest standard of how gelato should be made. As they grow up, they travel around the world and fall in love with Asia - especially the very robust and metropolitan Hong Kong. However, at times, they miss home – those authentic gelato, and fine chocolate and coffee. With great love and passion, they decided to open 3 ITALIANI in 2017 in Hong Kong together with seasoned gelatiere, Vincenzo Iannacone, bringing a slice of authentic Italian culture to Asia.

Vincenzo Iannacone

Boasting 30 years of experience, gelatiere Vincenzo has run his own gelateria in Italy. He was trained as a professional gelatiere with his family in central Italy, and in 1987 he started his own small gelataria, subsequently developed a total of fourteen stores across Italy. He is not only natural and instinctive in his approach, but also almost religious in producing every single gelato. Up to date, he still insists on hand-picking ingredients, makes gelato himself and trains numerous gelatieri including our Hong Kong team members, Elvis and Venus, who have become truly Italian “Masters in the Art”.


Our gelato is the result of a mix of genuine, natural and fresh raw material. Our gelato is made without hydrogenated fats, chemical dyes, without preservatives and without chemical additives


We only use
The BLUE MOUNTAIN, 100% arabic, dfrom Jamaicaa, at a height of 2350mt


Summer Chocolate Special

3 Italiani Summer Chocolate Special

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